Music Recommendations for Easter Celebration


  •  Robert Cundick’s “The Redeemer, a Sacred Service of Music” recorded by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (LDS Church Distribution Center) or by the BYU Singers, Concert Choir and Philharmonic Orchestra. ( BYU Creative Works Catalog – or 1-800-962-8061.)
  • Mack Wilberg’s “Requiem” by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra at Temple Square (Church Distribution Center)
  • Brahms’ “A German Requiem” by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony  (Church Distribution Center)
  • O Divine Redeemer,” Easter hymns performed by the Tabernacle Choir; (Church Distribution Center)
  • Make a Joyful Noise,” recorded by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Church Distribution Center)
  • Handle’s The Messiah;
  • Rutter’s “Requiem” (Collegium audio CD 504) and “Te Deum” (Collegium Records COLCD 112)
  • Haydn’s Symphony No. 26: “Lamentation,” and Symphony No. 49: “La Passione;”
  • Mozart’s Requiem;
  • Rachminoff’s Vespers (Robert Shaw director, Telarc audio CD 80172)
  • Charpentier’s Te Deum;
  • Bach’s Easter Oratorio, B Minor Mass, St. John’s Passion, and St. Matthew’s Passion
  • Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 – Resurrection (Concert DVD, Tantara Records BYU Creative Works catalog – see above)

Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

  •  Hymn 59 (Come, O Thou King of Kings)
  • Hymn 66 (Rejoice, the Lord is King)
  • Hymn 304 (Teach Me to Walk in the Light)
  • Hymn 247 (We Love Thy House, O God)
  • Hymn 308 (Love One Another)
  • Hymn 184 (Upon the Cross of Calvary)
  • Hymn 197 (O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown)
  • Hymn 191 (Behold the Great Redeemer Die)
  • Hymn 193 (I Stand All Amazed)
  • Hymn 194 (There is a Green Hill Far Away)
  • Hymn 198 (That Easter Morn)
  • Hymn 200 (Christ the Lord is Risen Today)
  • Hymn 199 (He is Risen)
  • Hymn 7 (Israel, Israel, God is Calling)
  • Hymn 62 (All Creatures of Our God and King)
  • Hymn 6 (Redeemer of Israel)
  • Hymn 189 (O, Thou Before the World Began)
  • Hymn 134 (I Believe in Christ)
  • Hymn 136 (I Know that My Redeemer Lives)
  • Hymn 187 (God Loved Us So He Sent His Son
  • Hymn 195 (How Great the Wisdom and the Love
  • Hymn 196 (Jesus, Once of Humble Birth)
  • Hymn 135 (My Redeemer Lives)
  • Hymn 108 (The Lord is My Shepherd)
  • Hymn 308 (As I Have Loved You)

Children’s Songbook of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • Children’s Songbook 34 (He Sent His Son)
  • Children’s Songbook 74 (I Feel My Savior’s Love)
  • Children’s Songbook 62 (Beautiful Savior)
  • Children’s Songbook 66 (Hosannah)
  • Children’s Songbook 64 (Did Jesus Really Live Again?)
  • Children’s Songbook 70 (Jesus Has Risen)

Traditional Hebrew Songs

  •  Hatikva –
  • Hine Ma Tov –,

  • Adon Olam

 Other Appropriate Music

  •  Sabbath Prayer from Fiddler on the Roof

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